Stop Snoring, And Have A Good Morning!!!

Are you waking up miserable and tired? Do you sleep next to someone who snores? Or are you the snoring culprit?

Believe it or not snoring is becoming a very common problem in most households. I have learned that many people are suffering silently with this deadly condition. I used to suffer as well. My ex-husband had sleep apnea, and while at some moments I wished he would stop breathing (I am kidding!) it was a completely miserable existence. He also had type 1 diabetes, a deadly combination.

I used to listen to him at night. It was fascinatingly sad. He would take a breath in, and then it wouldn’t come back out. As he would struggle to get the breath back out, it would wake him up and he would release the breath, take another and fall back asleep; only to start over again a few minutes later.

Shortly after, he began falling asleep on the job and pretty much hated his life, and everyone in it, including me. After he had lost his job, I decided it was time to take action. I researched methods to stop the snoring. We went through a plethora of pillows, neck straps and more. He was a proud man, and when his Doctor told him it was time for a sleep apnea machine, he refused to wear it, and ultimately I moved into our spare bedroom. I was sad to be no longer sleeping next to him but loved the new lease on life I had.

Shortly after this, I discovered The Good Morning Snore Solution at a trusted snoring product review site. I thought it was a weird concept, but what the heck, I was willing to try anything.

To fully understand how this awesome anti-snoring solution works, you must first understand the cause of snoring. When a person falls asleep, the muscles in their throat, neck and nasal area relax completely, and they are pulled backwards by gravity causing either a partial blockage or complete restriction of oxygen in the airway.

The Good Morning Snore Solution works by holding the tongue in place during sleep, not allowing it to fall backwards during the night. I decided to give it a shot because it was one of the least expensive mouthpieces on the market and had a 30 money back guarantee. If it didn’t work, I could return it for a full refund. It also had clinical research and reviews to back up its claims.

My ex-husband put up a fight, but after showing him how dangerous sleep apnea was, he decided he would try it. It took a little bit of adjustment, he complained it “felt weird” but when we went to bed, he was asleep in about 2 seconds, so I wasn’t buying it.

Hallelujah! I laid there, holding my breath in anticipation for the relaxed lack of breathing, but it didn’t come. As a matter of fact, his breathing was so quiet I could barely hear him. I had to watch his chest to see that he was breathing. It was amazing!

But, the profound effect on our life made me realize how long and how miserable the road was prior to the Good Morning Snore Solution. He was happier and more attentive to me and our children. He became playful, joked around and began laughing again. It was astounding.

He did experience some tongue discomfort for the first few days. However, he felt so much better that he decided to push through it. Their website said it might take some time to find the right fit, but he didn’t have that problem. It worked the very first night he had it.

Stop suffering. There is no reason to lose your life to snoring. Invest in the Good Morning Snore Solution, and begin having really good mornings.

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